Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 has been good to me. I can't complain! I was able to cycle over 1,600 miles and I look forward to more miles in 2010. I've become a sponsored rider and have many races that I'm looking forward to in 2010.

Happy New Year's to everyone! Take a cab tonight and I hope 2010 brings everyone great luck!

P.S. 2010 goals and resolutions to come!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone and for those of us celebrating Christmas, have a very merry one! So as expected my will power is low leaving my blood sugar high but added testing has helped minimize the craziness! I love to eat, what can I say???

I'm excited for some time off of work and to spend more time with the people I love instead of at work. It's been 55 plus hour weeks for almost the past month. Then a crazy illness of some sort cut me down two weekends ago. For about a week if I wasn't working, I was sleeping. I've persevered and made it to the holiday, now it's time to celebrate!

FYI for anyone using a MiniMed insulin pump, save yourself the hassle and talk to someone directly to order a refill on supplies. I tried using the dial in system and jacked everything up and had to wait to talk to someone anyway making a 10min reorder take 30 minutes!

I haven't forgotten about my bikes I miss them dearly and can't wait for the roads to dry enough to get out and ride! I have all of the cold gear I need to ride comfortably. May 29th holds a 100 mile MTB race with my name on it! Goals is the name of the game this year. Set them, meet them, period.

I'll leave you with a few pics. Everyone please have a safe and happy holiday and New Year!!!

Cooking some pizzelles!

Our Peanuts Tree!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Went for a short ride today! It was pretty cold, about 33 degrees. My biggest worry was about my insulin pump malfunctioning due to the cold. I had it tucked in my jersey pocket under my insulation layer and all seemed to go well! Thank goodness!

I tried out my new 661 tall winter weight socks with kept my feet super warm and my new thermal tights which we a kick-ass birthday present from my girl! She's the best!

I hope to keep the riding up as long as the paths are free from crazy water and snow, wish me luck!!! :)