Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Got Caught!

Well, the inevitable happened this morning. I was running incredibly late to work and as I zipped along route 8 south I saw it. A plain white cruiser sitting way up high on the on ramp. BUSTED! The good thing was as soon as I saw him I down-shifted quickly into 4th gear. That scrubbed probably 10mph off my speed.

John Q Law came to my window and asked if I knew why he pulled me over. At the risk of saving my own neck I said that I might have been going a tad fast. Mr. Law said with a bit of sarcasm, how about 74mph, it was a 55mph zone. The only thing I could think while he ran my license was: 1. Glad I was drinking last night and 2. At least I wasn't going as fast as I usually do.

Since, by the skin of my teeth, I wasn't going 20mph over I shouldn't get hit to hard by the fine. It's been roughly forever since I got a ticket.

Lesson learned: Do not drive fast until I update my radar/laser detector.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Great News!

OK, I'm probably writing these posts for myself, but I found out today that my supplies would be 80% covered by insurance if I went on the insulin pump. That was the last hurdle to get over. Now I have to backtrack a bit and get reapproved on the pump unit itself. So hopefully sooner rather than later I will be using the pump and on my way to better control and a longer life expectancy. I guess that could be considered a good day!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blizzard of 2008!

So I estimated an hour and 10 minutes to get home yesterday, nothin doing. :-/ It took me an hour and 25 minutes to make the 5 minute drive from work to the highway. WTF! I was creeping along while my leg was cramping up working the clutch. A six speed is nice except in heavy traffic. However my saving grace was the "hold assist" on VWs. It holds your car in place once you make a complete stop and disengages once you start moving forward. I think it's actually designed to help on hills but it sure helped my get through Akron yesterday!

I think we are up to about 17 or 18 inches of snow. Lexi loved the snow even though it was almost as deep as she was tall! The snow is up to the top of the wheel wells on my car.

I've got plenty of food, medicine and Internet access, I don't need to go anywhere. Everyone be careful out there!

Lexi in the snow!

My car at about 2:00pm, it's now 7:30 and still snowing.

Friday, March 7, 2008


This is a conversation that anyone who has lived through an Ohio winter has had. By March you should have freaking learned how to drive in the SNOW!!! A simple trip to Goodyear for a meeting normally takes 15 minutes, I left a half hour early and barley made it there on time. The best part is amateur hour at every light. People spinning out and sliding sideways it's comical! They need to take their ass to the local Goodyear store and get some new tires! lol OK, I've vented and now it's time to take the "normally" 20 minute drive home. I'm predicting....1hr. 10min. start your clocks!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Funny Thought

Ok, I must admit the thought of a new mattress was too much. I stopped at a few stores on the way home to roll around on a mattress or two. Which is kind of gross if you think about it. How many people have rolled around on those mattresses? How many of those people didn't shower that day, that week? Yikes! OK so the story continues. I go into a store called the Original Mattress. This is a mattress only type store no other funiture is sold here. The kind of store where the guy says to me, we can go lower than the price listed. WTF! If you put it on there you would sell more mattresses buddy! Then he says, you can get a free mattress cover, a $70 value non-the-less, but that offer ends today.


Come on now I work in Advertising. lol I know how "sales" work, especially if it's not a national level. Just some one off shop running there fourth closeout sale fo the year. I looked at him like, are ya kidding me! So I told him to write down the price and I would come back this weekend to get the mattress at that price. He didn't even try to refuse he just did it. I hope he doesn't feel like I forced him to do it. I just wasn't about to be jerked around. Save it for the next person coming in that's not paying cash in full.

So that wasn't the funny part. The reason I probably said what I did is that my blood sugar was dropping. As I was on my way out I spread out on the mattress one last time when it hit me. I was like holy shit, I'm low. Could you imagine if I passed out on the mattress?!?! This guy probably would have come up to me and started talking. like it huh? While I was laying there passed out. I could see it now. Emergency averted though. I went out to my trunk where I have food stashed for just this reason. It's in a special compartment all James Bond style! lol (


My 4 year anniversary at hfa is May 17th. Every year I get 10 vacation days. Is it good or bad that for the second year in a row I have two months to use 9 vacation days. Disposable income is tight as I work to pay off student loans, college credit cards and what not. I always say to myself, if you can't do something spectacular then why use them. I do know that is the wrong attitude to have but I just don't ever find anything worthy of a vacation day. Are my vacation day usage standards to high? On a lighter note, I decided to take the last week of March off. No big plans, but my little brother is on Spring Break so he'll be off that week. Maybe I need to rethink what REALLY matters and bring him out to spend time with me. Only if he brings guitar hero III! lol Oh yeah almost forgot the exciting part I can go mattress shopping that week with my money from Uncle Sam! Time to upgrade from the old college mattress. We'll that's probably TMI but this blogging is fun!

P.S. If the blog title is question, do you follow that with a question mark or is that redundent?

What a day!

As the sun shines and the birds chirp, a smile slowly draws from ear to ear. It's Ohio and it seems like nobody knows about the weather around here. We are square in the sights of a massive snowstorm, 6-10 inches possible. Living with type 1 diabetes, for some odd reason, makes me realte everything back to it. I'm ok with that. The weather today could be related to blood sugar, it seems like everything is going along fine and then the storm hits. You find yourself asking in your head how did my blood sugar get so high or why did I drop so low so fast? I think the weather is a great comparison to diabetes. There are a lot of bright sunny days, but sometimes the situation can change as fast as the weather! I hope that wasn't too deep for my first blog!!!