Friday, February 25, 2011

I've actually been riding!

However, I live in NE Ohio so my riding has been reduced to a trainer. Nonetheless I've stuck to my new training schedule so far this week! I have some miles to put in over the weekend but that's okay! Here's what I did:

Tuesday and Wednesday:
12 min warm up --> 3 X 8 min steady state intervals at 93-95% of max HR followed by a 13 min cool down

Workout this weekend:
Saturday and Sunday
90-150 minute Easy miles 50-80% of max HR

Here is my 2011 season plan so far:
April 10 - Challenge at Mountwood, Parkersburg, WV (OMBC Series)
April 16 - Mohican Wilderness - Loudonville, OH (OMBC Series)
May 22 - Grassman - Coshocton, OH (OMBC Series)
June 4 - Mohican 100 - Loudonville, OH
July 30 - Battle of Turkey Run at S&S Trails- Mt. Perry/Zanesville, OH (OMBC Series)
Aug 14 - Alum Creek State Park- Delaware, OH (OMBC Series)
Sept 11 - Bob Evans Farm - Rio Grande, OH (OMBC Series)
Sept 25 - Westbranch State Park- Ravenna/Akron, OH (OMBC Series)
Oct 8 - Mohican State Park and Forest -Loudonville, OH (OMBC Series)
Oct 25 - Mohican Wilderness Championship Race -Loudonville, OH (OMBC Series)

The answer is, yes, I'm going for a high place finish in the states best MTB series! We'll see how this goes! Here are the rules:

OMBC Race Series: Best 5 races qualify for series awards!

Championship Race is not required to qualify but breaks all ties AND counts as a SIXTH RACE toward total points

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kicked some ass today in a 2 hour Spinning class! Feel great afterwards and now I;m really looking forward to the cycling season. 50 degrees by the end of the week! Kick ass!

Get out and ride!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice vs. Windshield

Check out the damage done to my brothers truck after an ice chunk flew of a Ford Explorer and connected with the windshield. He is fine, just got a glass shower from the inside! Said he was pulling glass out of his pocket and shoe!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In sickness and in health....

Well, I've been dealing mostly with the sickness side of things lately. I had a wicked sinus infection that pretty much knocked me out for the past two weeks. In the middle of it all I had to travel to a conference in Dallas for work which didn't help matters.

This Thursday is going to be my grand return to cycling in the form of a spinning class! I can't wait and I'm totally excited to start up again, I love riding and I'm pretty decent at it! lol! Plus my blood glucose levels need to start leveling off a little better. Between the infection and my lack of movement from the couch or bed while healing, I've been a bit all over these days. (sigh)