Friday, March 11, 2011

Brief Update

The training continues! I had a great blood sugar day and some great training yesterday! I did an hour on the trainer to the tune of the following work out:

13 min warm-up
Ladder - 3 minutes at each of the 4 resistance settings from easy to hard and then back down
3 min RIB
10 min cool-down

Also, finally uploaded some pics of events this fall:

I turned 30, thanks Molly for the homemade ice cream maker!

Lexi Pie

My Pumpkin

My Pumpkin's Pumpkin

Getting ready for the worst race of my life. It was bad, severe leg cramps for the last 13 miles of a 25 mile race.

Mohican River Valley

Packed up for a ride at Mohican or Vulture's Knob, can't remember.

Cleveland Air Show with my brother

More air show

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another great workout last night!

You know, one of those workouts where you push your heart rate so high and hold that you start to feel like your going to throw up! Yep, that's right where I was last night and I loved it! :)

Here was the drill:
15 min. warm up
2 sets of 3 X 3 min maximum power outputs
3 min rest easy pedaling between each mpo
8 min rest between sets
12 min cool down

No soreness today either, looks like I'm going to have to push a little harder on Thursday!