Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Battle of Turkey Run Race Report

Well, the good news is I've been riding and racing. The bad news is I had a big diabetes FAIL at this race.

The race took place in Zanesville, OH on Saturday at the privately owned S&S trails. You can ride the trails on Wednesday evening during the group rides. This race was HOT, in a bad way. 91 degrees with near 100% humidity, the course was sticky peanut butter mud due to the overnight deluge that passed through. The stats from the race were about 14.5 miles of course with 2000+ feet of climbing. The overall race was set up world cup style meaning short course with multiple laps, sport class had to do 4 laps.

1. finish = complete
2. Not finish last = complete
3. not let my Wheels On Fire teammate Dan lap me = complete! :)

It was a good race, not my best but good. I had some diabetes issues, I spiked my blood glucose and when I stopped after the first lap to check and see what it was, I was out of test strips in my small meter that I carry with me, FAIL. I tried not to freak out, regained my composure and just rode. I thought about DNF'ing but talked myself out of it as I rode. I was alright for now and making it work. I felt like shit but I was pressing on to lap three and then lap four. I also managed to avoid cramps until the last 500 ft. of the course where I hopped off my bike and ran and then hopped back on for the obligatory photo finish! I grabbed some water, chatted with a few fellow racers and headed to my car to check my BG. It was 349, double fail.

Like I said thought, I survived and lived for the next race and I'm not going to beat myself up, if I was feeling better I could have smoked the poor conditioned course!

Here's a picture of me during the race, more to come hopefully!