Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm here

I've been enjoying reading everyone's blog posts. The weather and work has been wearing on my soul a bit. I feel like I'm in a rut. I want to get out riding more but there's always stuff going on. Maybe someday I'll be able to focus on riding instead of a bazillion other things.

On a lighter note I signed up for the NEO Power Series Big Valley Race at camp Manatoc!!! If I can find time to ride I'll force myself to buy paying entry fees upfront for races! lol

Friday, July 24, 2009

Congratulations Kevin!

Let me jog your memory about my little brother Kevin. He was 19 years old, diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. So aggressive they started him on chemo roughly 24 hours after diagnosis. (BTW if we had universal health care I may not be coming to you with all of this great news about my brothers recover, but that's for another time and day!)

After successfully completing intense chemotherapy and massive surgery to remove and replace the upper 2/3 of his femur and hip with titanium he began the process of learning to walk all over again. Just what you want to do at the age of 20 (he had is birthday roughly 1 week after his surgery which was probably the hardest part for me) happy birthday, now call the nurse to come wipe your ass. Walking can be difficult after having your bone removed and replaced, 3 of your 4 quads removed and a hamstring removed as well. But he didn't give up, I would see him religiously doing his ankle pumps and other exercises and stretches to get him back in the game of life. After a few minor set backs due to some slow heeling of the incision that ran from his knee to the bottom of his rib cage he was off. First is was a wheelchair, shuffling from couch to chair to toilet to chair to couch. Weeks of it. Then it was the walker, 10 feet, 50 feet 100 feet, from the parking lot to the store, parking lot to store and shopping in the store. The the cane, it was a quad cane at first the one with 4 prongs at the end. Then the regular cane. The, finally, Jamaica for my sisters incredible wedding! Finally, after many different prognosis about the future of his leg use or whether he would have a leg to stand on at all.


One more step towards recovery and normalcy. He is a stronger man than I am and has suffered more than anyone ever should but he came out on top. Like Lance Armstrong says, what's your bike? Well my brothers bike comes with 4 wheels and an engine too!

Love you buddy, take care and never give up!

Your big bro

Friday, July 17, 2009

Douche Bag Friday

Here's my rant...Chad Ochocinco, better known as Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals. As if it were bad enough that he has stated he will not play by the rules and WILL twitter to all of his loyal douche bag followers while playing games, he changes his last name to Ochocinco.

Now I don't see many Super Bowl championships in the rafters of the Bengals stadium, so maybe Chad 85 (shorter version) should worry more about playing football than his last name or twitter. AND that's not even the douche bag part!!!

The Spanish translation of 85 is ochentacinco! Now every Spanish speaking person has another reason to make fun of "dumb Americans". Thanks Chad. Ochocinco means 8 5, I think the Bengals should make his jersey match and put a big space between the numbers. lol

Happy Friday!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


What does my blog mean today??? It's official, I've finally ridden over 1000 miles this season! I hit up West Branch, the local MTB hot spot last night. I figured it was only fitting that I turn the quadruple digit on my new bike! The course was dry and awesomely fast! I saw some of the guys from CAMBA out and about as well. I would say there were probably about two dozen people or so out on the trail which is awesome.

The trail follows the edge of a lake which looked beautiful as well with all of the water crafts rocking out and fishing. I've given up worrying about the ridiculous amount of poison ivy back there, if I get it than I get it.

Look for updates to my race calendar as we move into shorter days and the second half of summer!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a beautiful problem to have!!!!

GO LANCE!!! Go team Astana!!!

I may have found some motivation!!! :)

Rank Dossard Name Country Team Time Gap
1 033 Fabian CANCELLARA SUI SAX 10h38'07'' 00''
2 022 Lance ARMSTRONG USA AST 10h38'07'' 00''
3 021 Alberto CONTADOR ESP AST 10h38'26'' 19''
4 023 Andréas KLÖDEN GER AST 10h38'30'' 23''
5 024 Levi LEIPHEIMER USA AST 10h38'38'' 31''
6 058 Bradley WIGGINS GBR GRM 10h38'45'' 38''
7 029 Haimar ZUBELDIA ESP AST 10h38'58'' 51''
8 076 Tony MARTIN GER THR 10h38'59'' 52''
9 059 David ZABRISKIE USA GRM 10h39'13'' 1'06''
10 056 David MILLAR GBR GRM 10h39'14'' 1'07''
11 026 Sergio PAULINHO POR AST 10h39'23'' 1'16''
12 051 Christian VANDE VELDE USA GRM 10h39'23'' 1'16''
13 034 Gustav LARSSON SWE SAX 10h39'29'' 1'22''
14 077 Maxime MONFORT BEL THR 10h39'36'' 1'29''
15 093 Roman KREUZIGER CZE LIQ 10h39'38'' 1'31''
16 079 Michael ROGERS AUS THR 10h39'39'' 1'32''
17 074 George HINCAPIE USA THR 10h39'43'' 1'36''
18 027 Yaroslav POPOVYCH UKR AST 10h39'43'' 1'36''
19 095 Vincenzo NIBALI ITA LIQ 10h39'43'' 1'36''
20 031 Andy SCHLECK LUX SAX 10h39'48'' 1'41''

Sorry Everyone

I've had a serious lack of motivation these days. More stories and rides to come. Please bear with me while I search for my motivation.