Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enough is enough!!!

I have a better chance of winning the Power Ball lottery than catching the swine flu. I love how the media can blow everything out of proportion. Dictators in Africa kill more people in one day than have been infected with the swine flu since we found it. How are the priorities of people so jacked. No, I'm not afraid and encourage everyone to not support the panic. They say you can keep yourself safe by washing your hands. Guess what, you should wash your damn hands anyway.

Pheew...enough of that, time for a bike ride!


GRIESE.J said...


Not to mention the dictators and drug lords in south America.

Kelly said...

On the Media's behalf, we are just as sick of it as you are (probably more so... at least you can go to work and not have to hear about it for 8 hours!).

Rainmaker said...

When people heard me coughing this week and jokingly asked if I had the swine flu, I responded that I had it the weekend before it got all fashionable to have.