Friday, February 25, 2011

I've actually been riding!

However, I live in NE Ohio so my riding has been reduced to a trainer. Nonetheless I've stuck to my new training schedule so far this week! I have some miles to put in over the weekend but that's okay! Here's what I did:

Tuesday and Wednesday:
12 min warm up --> 3 X 8 min steady state intervals at 93-95% of max HR followed by a 13 min cool down

Workout this weekend:
Saturday and Sunday
90-150 minute Easy miles 50-80% of max HR

Here is my 2011 season plan so far:
April 10 - Challenge at Mountwood, Parkersburg, WV (OMBC Series)
April 16 - Mohican Wilderness - Loudonville, OH (OMBC Series)
May 22 - Grassman - Coshocton, OH (OMBC Series)
June 4 - Mohican 100 - Loudonville, OH
July 30 - Battle of Turkey Run at S&S Trails- Mt. Perry/Zanesville, OH (OMBC Series)
Aug 14 - Alum Creek State Park- Delaware, OH (OMBC Series)
Sept 11 - Bob Evans Farm - Rio Grande, OH (OMBC Series)
Sept 25 - Westbranch State Park- Ravenna/Akron, OH (OMBC Series)
Oct 8 - Mohican State Park and Forest -Loudonville, OH (OMBC Series)
Oct 25 - Mohican Wilderness Championship Race -Loudonville, OH (OMBC Series)

The answer is, yes, I'm going for a high place finish in the states best MTB series! We'll see how this goes! Here are the rules:

OMBC Race Series: Best 5 races qualify for series awards!

Championship Race is not required to qualify but breaks all ties AND counts as a SIXTH RACE toward total points

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