Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mohican 100K Time!

Hi Everyone,

I'm here, I'm alive and yes, I've been slacking! I have been training quite a bit for the Mohican 100K, no DNF this year! I'm taking the day off on Friday to get myself together and down to Loudonville, OH for the race. I'm really excited and pretty nervous too! I'm sure I'll do fine, I have more miles and quality miles at that in this year vs. last year. Last weekend I took the trip down to Mohican to ride the 25 mile loop and had plenty of energy in the tank to keep going. I was barely winded!

The weather looks beautiful, the bike is running great and I feel darn good! Time to start making my lists and try not to forget anything this year like I did last year. Who forgets the bladder for their camelbak???

More posts coming soon!

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