Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

Yes, over 48 hours on the insulin pump aka: digital pancreas and I'm still alive and well. No severe reactions on it, yet. I had a pretty good weekend but wish I went riding. It feels like it's been forever! Well, it has been since last Friday! Now that I've had a few days to get comfortable with the pump, it's time to work it into my cycling regimen. I'm excited to be on the pump, I feel like I've done something to truly help my body. More than just eating better an exercising.

Pro's with the insulin pump:
1. No more multiple daily injections!!!
2. Less lows in the middle of the night
3. Only one type of insulin is needed at the drug store (meaning one less co-pay :))
4. Amazing control with the bolus wizard! This programs figures out a recommended insulin dose for a meal or snack by crunching the following things automatically: blood glucose (transmitted directly from meter), grams of carbs (figured and entered by me), my carb gram to insulin ratio, insulin sensitivity and amount of active insulin in my system. Basically everything I had to figure out on my own is done for me now.
5. Eat what I want, when I want

1. I'm attached to an electronic device 24 hours a day
2. Carrying extra tubing with me in case of tubing failure. If not fixed quickly could hospitalize me or even kill me.
3. Becoming desensitized to hypoglycemia reactions and going into a coma in my sleep
4. Sleeping and #1 Con
5. Sex could be interesting with a pump attached

Hmm...that's all I got right now! Like I said, it's day number two. I'm sure I'll have more as the time on the pump increases. Check back soon!!!


Karen said...

Sounds like you are doing great!!! I was really paranoid about the hospital / death thing if the pump fails too - okay, I still am, but less and less so as time goes by. I've had my first non-delivery error and it was quickly fixed, and once you get past that it will put your mind at ease some.

Isn't the bolus wizard the best thing ever???? And in a week or so, you'll never even notice the pump when you are sleeping.

Keep up the good work!

tracie said...

i was wondering how things were going with your new pump.

glad to hear all is well! i'm sure everything will feel weird when you first start using it but eventually you prob won't even notice it is there.

let us know how it goes on the bike! :)

Nancy said...

Tip #1...take off the pump know what!!! Let's just say if you are disconnected for longer the 30 are "the man"!!!!
Seriously, your blood sugar will possibly rise in 30 min., but you are being active also.

You'll get use to sleeping with it too...sometimes I un-clip it and put it underneath my pillow, but I'm also not a restless sleeper.

Post your ride info!!

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