Monday, September 8, 2008


Update on my brother:

I went to see Kevin Saturday and Sunday at the Cleveland Clinic. He is getting better by the minute! He sat up for 10 min. in a chair on Sat. and for 45 min. on Sun.! Which is quite the feat if you saw all the shit they have in wrapped up in and on him and hanging off of him. I'm not sure if I could get around with all that shit on myself. His spirits are as good as they can be for being stuck in a hospital in bed for 23.25 hours a day. I'll get a picture of him once he gets home to give and update. His scar is pretty bad ass too! Maybe he'll let me post that as well! I asked, he didn't get to keep the bone. I thought he could get it bronzed of something.

As far as surgery, Kevin had the upper half of his femur removed and a titanium rod now takes the place of his femur, he's part bullet proof!!! They had to insert a metal fitting into his hip to receive the top of the rod. Some muscle and other tissue was removed from Kev's leg around the area where the mass was but most of the major muscles were able to be saved. That's where the painful part is, it's one thing to replace the hip but to restructure and attach all of the muscles leads to a lot of soreness and bruising. He won't be able to run or jump anymore but he can still power walk and swim. He loves to swim!

That's all for now but I'll keep everyone posted on his recovery! Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes!

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Karen said...

Thanks for the update - I'm glad to hear he's coming along well. I know what a feat that is to be sitting up in the chair for 45 minutes already - good for him!!! I'm glad to hear they were able to save most of the muscles too. I'll keep sending him happy, healing vibes!