Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Riding

Yesterday was another great day for riding! I did my valley loop down into the valley and back out. My blood sugar dropped like a rock in the middle so i had to stop and eat some food and readjust my basal rate percentage to make sure I didn't pass out in front of one of the cars that pass almost too close for comfort. My sugar was 52 when I checked but after refueling I finished with a blood sugar of 102. I just need to work on fueling as I ride since I apparently burn food off like it's my job.

Here are some fun pics from the ride:

Skiing anyone??? There's still a little snow at Boston Mills!

I passed about 10 feet or less away from the deer and they didn't even flinch!


Kelly said...

There is still snow on the slopes? Man, this would be AWESOME weather to go skiing in! So warm.

Rainmaker said...

Sweet - both skiing and a deer. The deer always worry me - especialyl when they jet out in front of me!

Denise said...

Nice pics. And great blog, interesting!!