Monday, March 30, 2009


you may ask do I ride my bike on a day when the temperature barely climbs to 43 degrees? Why ride 16 miles through wind that cuts to your core? Why where two pair of socks, bike shorts, bike tights, base layer, jersey, insulated jacket, windproof shell, full-finger gloves and 1/2 finger gloves? Why bother on a day like today?

I ask why not??? :)


Kelly said...

Because it's too cold! That's why not! My bike hasn't seen outside since November.

GRIESE.J said...

Because for a good part of that ride it is not the cold, or the wet,the wind,or even the continuos need to farmer blow, but for that moment when the song comes on with perfect pedal tempo,and you cruise up a hill feeling the power in your legs instead of the pain that was present last week. The hawk that flys 2 feet away from you almost as if to say Hi.

Be Well