Friday, June 19, 2009

2009 Tour de Cure

Sorry for the delay! Last Sunday I rode the 100k "champion" route of the Tour de Cure. I was simply hoping to finish the ride in under 5 hours. The night before I didn't sleep at all, the last time I looked at the clock it said 1:30 and then my alarm went off at 5:15am. Sheesh, just like work! However, I hoped up out of bed at the alarm and grabbed a quick shower to get my day started right! :)

I had some breakfast, packed up the bike, finished packing up my bag and then the best thing of the day happened. Molly got up and said she wanted to come with me to see me off! That meant a lot to me, having her support truly makes a HUGE difference! And you can thank her for the pictures! lol So we headed off at a mere 6:15am the drive was only across town which was nice.

When we arrived at Blossom Music Center there were a dozen or so people in the parking lot getting themselves together for the ride. We hoped out and I got my bike ready before we headed over to registration. There were people still setting up but everyone was friendly and wishing us a good morning and safe ride. Well...except for the lady at registration. She was barking, literally, barking orders at people I need this now and that there and two more copies of these. I know she was in charge of the whole Rock n Ride 2009 but sheesh, she made my head hurt and I didn't even have to deal with her! Too loud, too early!

So, back to the car to get myself ready for the big day. I pulled all my gear together and got it on while Molly fastened my number plate to my CamelBak. One last check and we were ready to go.

Here's where I need to digress a bit. I'm not quite sure why but I still get nervous for big rides, like a little kid getting ready for a car trip. I had to use the restroom like 5 times between when I woke and when I started riding. Oh well! Better 5 trips than 1 accident! lol :)

So we lined up for the start, had the run down of all the rules and route markers and then we were off! I blew a kiss to Molly, my sweet and started on my day of adventure.

Before I was even out of Blossom I met a middle-aged guy named Ray, he seemed to be about the same speed as I was heading out at so we ended up riding together the whole time, chit-chatting like little kids! The ride was great, well marked, well stocked! We hit three massive hills that Ray powered up and I was like a tortoise heading up. However, i made it and didn't quit!

Ray and I rocked out, it was painful and tested my intestinal fortitude many times here were the stats:
61.8 miles
15.8mph avg.

WHAT??? I just rode almost 62 miles with that sort of average???? I was pumped, but a little sore! I pushed through many painful hills and made it! The reason why I was pumped was that this ride was a huge improvement over last year where I was lucky to have that sort of average on a 60+ mile ride! :) So needless to say we shattered the 5 hour I have hoped for and finished in about 3 hours and 57 minutes I believe. :)

Not only that but when I got back to registration that had some awesome Red Rider jerseys left so I got one!!! A Red Rider was someone who was participating in the event and also has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes! Yep, that's me!!! Check out the jersey, it's my new fav!!!

Great ride, over $1200 raised, life is good!

Red Rider Jersey


Kelly said...

Congrats! And great job on your speed!

GRIESE.J said...

Good Job, Looks ike the weather was great too.