Friday, July 10, 2009


What does my blog mean today??? It's official, I've finally ridden over 1000 miles this season! I hit up West Branch, the local MTB hot spot last night. I figured it was only fitting that I turn the quadruple digit on my new bike! The course was dry and awesomely fast! I saw some of the guys from CAMBA out and about as well. I would say there were probably about two dozen people or so out on the trail which is awesome.

The trail follows the edge of a lake which looked beautiful as well with all of the water crafts rocking out and fishing. I've given up worrying about the ridiculous amount of poison ivy back there, if I get it than I get it.

Look for updates to my race calendar as we move into shorter days and the second half of summer!


Kelly said...

Wow, that's a LOT! I don't even think I've ridden that much on my road bike (EVER). Congrats!

Rainmaker said...

That's some serious miles. You could have ridden to Florida. ;)