Friday, July 17, 2009

Douche Bag Friday

Here's my rant...Chad Ochocinco, better known as Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals. As if it were bad enough that he has stated he will not play by the rules and WILL twitter to all of his loyal douche bag followers while playing games, he changes his last name to Ochocinco.

Now I don't see many Super Bowl championships in the rafters of the Bengals stadium, so maybe Chad 85 (shorter version) should worry more about playing football than his last name or twitter. AND that's not even the douche bag part!!!

The Spanish translation of 85 is ochentacinco! Now every Spanish speaking person has another reason to make fun of "dumb Americans". Thanks Chad. Ochocinco means 8 5, I think the Bengals should make his jersey match and put a big space between the numbers. lol

Happy Friday!!!


jpnairn said...

Random thoughts...
As if being named Chad wasn't bad enough.
He doesn't even look Hispanic.
Why not just Eighty-five?
He makes way more money than me... playing a game!

GRIESE.J said...

I'm not on the Twitter thing but if he's Twittering is he also going to read it? It'd be nice to bash on a player all season long and watch him go down the tubes . Wonder if Farve will Twitter while he sits on the bench?