Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009 Goals

As the 2009 riding season draws to a close I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my goals for the year. Some have been met, some have not and some remain a work in progress. Now that the temperature is dipping in NE Ohio, days are growing shorter and rain is starting to fall more frequently, I think a new set of goals are in order.

Here were my goals from my January post:

1. Successfully integrate CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) into my workouts and life. Tighter control = healthier me. I'm super excited to start, just have to make it through the red tape of insurance companies. You know, to see if I'm really diabetic enough for it! lol

This goal is the work in progress! I've done a good job using the CGM to maintain better control of my diabetes. Check out my Cleveland Clinic award post from October 6th. This will remain an ongoing goal for awhile if not the rest of my life. So far, so good!!!

2. Compete and complete at least two different genres of MTB racing. One endurance race (i.e. Mohican 100 or a 12/24 hour race) and one cross country race.

This goal was partially complete. I only participated in one genre of MTB events, cross-country racing, but was able to compete in two events. I also managed to ride over 1500 miles this year and there are still some good riding days left! So, I have something to work on for next year!

3. Drink less soda. Yes, it sounds funny but I drink way too much of it. Even if it's diet there can be sodium and it's been shown to make you hungrier and a diuretic if it has caffeine.

Complete!!! I used to drink about 2-3 2 liters of Diet Coke a week. Plus a large amount of cans of DC at work. Probably 3 cans a day. I am down to 1 can a day at best at work and virtually no pop at home. I've gotten hooked on low-carb energy drinks, low-carb juices and water! Just an FYI if you want to lost an easy 5-10lbs. STOP DRINKING SODA!!!! I'm not the only case-in-point many people have found that cutting back on soda is an easy way to lose weight. For those who didn't know "diet soda" has been proven to make people hungrier, so the calories you lose from diet soda are replaced with other calories.

Winter Goals:
1. Continue riding, when weather permits, through the winter

2. Continue "healthy" eating. Meaning keep cooking meals and minimize eating processed and prepackaged food

3. Develop a "plan" for 2010 that has actual event goals to work towards and formal workouts to maintain a higher level of performance

4. Join CAMBA and Akron Bike Club in 2010

5. Relax and enjoy the winter! SNOW!!!!


Kim said...

Check out the calorie/exercise tracker! It's a great tool for logging diet and exercise (and there's an app for that! LOL!)

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like 2009 has been going really well. Good luck with the home stretch!