Monday, October 26, 2009

Night Rides

It's a little different when the sun goes down in Ohio. It's like the desert, it gets cold with a quickness! I've been out riding a few nights over the past week and it's not too bad!

Layers is the answer to your question. :) That's how I stay warm.

Best parts about riding at night:
1. Longer riding season
2. No trail traffic
3. Solitude
4. Not smokin' hot out
5. The crunch of the leaves under your tires
6. The scenery changes which doesn't happen on the trainer
7. The smell of fireplaces

Worst parts of riding at night:
1. Lonely in the dark
2. Mechanical problems are tough to fix by feel (especially when your bare hands are numb from the cold
3. Animals, they can scare the shit out of you. They always seem to be right by the trail and run away when I ride by. Last night I saw two dogs, two cats, a fox looking thing, a deer, bats, and one set of eyes that were unidentifiable because they starred at me and then vanished. Creepy if you let them be, I always tell myself it's their world and thank them for letting me ride through it at night.
4. Darkness. Don't look behind you when you ride at night because you can't see anything and, again, it can creep you out. As you can see night riding is a pretty mental ordeal. :)

Here's a picture of an overpass looking down into the valley at dusk.

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GRIESE.J said...

I always like going over the highways , it let's me feels as though I've gotten something more out of life then the folks racin' down the freeway.

Like I've cheated the system and won for a moment.

But hey they're probably all coming home from their rides..

Be Well and Halloween.