Monday, November 9, 2009

More Riding

So, I've decided to keep riding until the bitter end of the year. Literally! Until it snows or drops to subzero temperatures outside. I've decided to do this on my mountain bike as well, pushing the heavier yet more durable bike will leave me stranded less, hopefully!

My past excursions with the road bike have led me to find and pick up every piece of beautifully colored glass in the valley. In short, I'm tired of changing flats! :) Plus since it's dark by 5pm it's tough night riding when leaves cover the trail and you can't see the large bumps and sticks before you hit them.

What I have done is found some pretty bad ass hard-pack/indoor MTB park racing tires, WTB Graffiti is the name of the tires:

Per the website above: The Graffiti SF (Street Fighter) performs in the high-stakes environments of urban riding. Its wide, 2.4-inch casing absorbs hard hits and cased landings; the minimal, recessed tread offers firm grip on the street while channeling away loose soil at the dirt jumps. Add even more confidence to your street sessions by choosing the Team DH version, with its Super Duty casing and High Grip DNA rubber.

I picked these bad boys up on sale for $16 a piece!!! Regular price was $50! How awesome was that deal. I was previously running Panaracer Smoke front tire and Dart rear which will be great in the spring for traction since I got them late in the season.

Here are the pics:
New tires with folding aramid bead obviously!

Old front tire

Old rear tire, great for resistance training! lol!

New Tires #1

New Tires #2

I put 23 miles on them yesterday and they were GREAT! Low resistance little noise! They were easy to install as well, didn't even need tools to roll on the rims, just a little elbow grease! :)

Only downside, is that they picked up little rocks from the road and held them fairly well so you would hear random noises from the tires as the rocks hit before they were expelled from the tires. Also, if you are hitting the pavement you should run a PSI closer to the max of 65 vs. using for dirt jumping, indoor MTB parks or racing.


Rainmaker said...

Holy cow, I think you could enter a monster truck competition with those.

Mike said...

Ha! I think so!!!