Monday, November 2, 2009

Night Riding

Question: Why do drivers think, just because it's dark, that I can't ride my bike on the road?

I've invested a lot of my money to make sure you, Mr. or Mrs. driver can see me. I think they shouldn't be allowed to drive when it's dark how about them apples???

On a brighter note, I saw 5 deer, 3 rabbits and one cat while I was out and about!

I hope the winter isn't keep all of you inside on your trainer! :)


Rainmaker said...

Night riding is fun in the right circumstances. That said - unfortunately the reality is it's more dangerous on roads with drivers since visibility can be reduced.

Just be careful out there. When night riding I generall only choose locations with no cars (closed off roads, etc...) or that are very very well lit.

Mike said...

Great point, I think after last night I'm going to stick to the bike trail at night no matter how spooky it is. I'll leave the road rides for groups or weekend when I can ride during the day.

I just don't think I'll be able to cut it on a trainer with out going insane.