Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Calendar

Is this where I put the disclaimer that everything that has not been registered for yet is tentative?

Here's the plan for 2010:
04/10/10 - Vulture's Knob - I have to redeem myself after last years performance
04/18/10 - This is part of the course for the MTB 100, I think it would be good to get out and race on it
06/05/10 - Mohican MTB 100 - Why not, I'm aiming for a sub-10 hour finish. Right in the middle of last years finishers between 7 - 13 hours.
06/13/10 - Tour de Cure - Got to support my fellow diabetics!
07/10/10 - Vulture's Knob - This course is, by far, the most technical around. It's good experience! :)
07/25/09 - Alum Creek State Park - Just trying to mix it up and get some points in the OMBA series
09/04/10 - Big Valley Race - NEO Power Series, this was a good race in 2009!
09/18/10 - 12/24 Hours of Mohican - I'm going to try 12 hours solo, we shall see how this goes!
09/26/10 - West Branch - my "home turf" should be a fun race with the local folks! Plus OMBA series points!
10/10/10 - Mohican State Forest - OMBA series points
10/24/10 - Mohican Wilderness - OMBA finals

So that's it for now, I'll keep you posted on training, races, changes and diabetes in 2010! Stay tuned! :)

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Rainmaker said...

Very nice with the 100MTB race on there, that's sweet!