Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mohican MTB 100 Race Report Part 1

I know better late than never!!!

I'm not sure where to begin, this was quite the weekend to remember.

Friday: In the morning I continued to pack and check things off of my list. My girlfriend said I was being to anal with my list and I said I will forget something for sure. So after getting made fun of a bit I finished gathering my gear and loaded up the car. My girlfriend had to work in the morning so around noon we ate lunch she finished up and we were on the road by about 2:30. Mohican is about an hour and twenty minutes or so away from Stow, OH.

It was pretty stormy with rain starting and stopping the whole way. As we were reaching the outskirts of Loudonville, I suddenly got a sick feeling in my stomach. I forgot my CamelBak bladder. The pack is useless without it and I have no other good way of carrying water on my FS MTB. So after I registered we went to check out the local bike shop to see if they had camelbak bladders of even the whole dang thing that I would just by, pack and all. Nothing, the closest store was back in Wooster. Keep in mind the Loudonville bike shop was about 1/3 bike gear and 2/3 auto parts store. Nice!

So back up to Wooster we went it was about a 20 mile trip back. We located the store, found a pack and grabbed some dinner before heading back to our hotel. Keep in mind heavy rain was turning on and off like a light switch at this point in time. So, on we forge to our hotel...well Motel I believe is the actual term. My girl was not exactly excited when I told her that the place was a Motel, they sound dirty and sketchy. This one wasn't horrible but it was pretty far away from civilization. It was called the Mohican River Inn and it was a quick 5 mile jaunt away from the start line. So we check in and unload the car, as we unloaded the parking lot quickly filed with more riders stopping to check in. So we unload the card and try to get comfortable while I work on getting my bike set for the morning. This is when we realized problem number two. I had forgotten to grab the garment bag hanging in the closet by the door full or our dress clothes for my very good friends wedding. :( Another plan was concocted that while I was riding my girlfriend would drive back to Wooster and go shopping for clothes. Needless to say she was much more excited about that than waiting 6 hours in Loudonville for me to finish.

Our motel room, note the cinder block walls like a prison cell!!!

The girlfriend, relaxing. BTW, she hates raccoons. Check out the art between the beds! lol!

Silly grin while getting the bike ready for the race. Note the flashy new Mavic Crosstrail rims and Kenda Karma tires! :)

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