Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess Who's Back???

Nope, not sexy, just me! Sorry I've been out of touch for so long. I've been keeping up with everyone's blogs though don't worry! I'll give you the rundown.

Hmm...where to start:
Brother: Went out to Dave and Busters with him and my parents and had a flippin blast! He is getting to his last few rounds of chemo! Keep your prayers coming though, he still has to pass all of his tests. He has left the wheelchair and the walker in the dust, upgrading to a cane and soon to nothing at all. The Dr's also said he could be driving before summer possibly! Nothing like getting your freedom back at the age of 20!!! Not bad for a guy who is down to one quadriceps in his right leg. Does that make it a unicept??? Kevin is also back in college taking psychology, sociology and history on-line for the Spring. Maybe this summer he can get back to the classroom! :)

Work: Got back from a trade show/conference in DC last Wednesday that was held at the Gaylord National. Awesome facility! Long days though, my day started at 6am and ended at 1am. A freaking boatload of networking was done by your truly with clients and tire dealers from all across the US and Canada. Now things are slowly starting top even out with less 10-14 hour days of work.

Molly: My time with Molly has been a blessing. She is everything I could ever want or need in a girlfriend. Incredibly supportive, cute, funny, just simply amazing! I'm glad to have her in my corner for whatever life throws at us! :)

Diabetes: Had my Dr. appt. this morning where she did nothing but rave about how well I was doing on my insulin pump. She said if some people were half as involved with their pump as I am she would see less complications. Truthfully, the complications scare the shit out of me enough to be proactive. Who wants to go blind, have kidney failure, be an amputee or die simply because they didn't take care of themselves. Not this guy that's for sure, I've got way too much to live for and I'm wayyy too young for any of that!

Family: Good! Everyone is gearing up for my sisters wedding in Jamaica!!! I just hope they have enough rum on that little island for me! lol it will be good for everyone to go on vacation, especially my parents and brother! My Dad is looking forward to working on some projects around the house that we had to put on hold. I'm looking forward to helping him and my brother with those things!!!

Bike: I've made my decision. My new MTB will be......Trek Top Fuel 8! I'm wicked excited to get it and start riding. The first race of the OMBC is March 29th. Hopefully I can put some miles on it before then but it will be nice to get a race under my belt early in the season!

Sorry for the long blog, I'll try to keep them coming more often! Thanks for stopping by!

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Kelly said...

Glad that everything is going so well! I wedding in Jamaica sounds awesome and WARM! Take lots of photos!