Thursday, September 10, 2009


Can you imagine a world without preexisting conditions??? I think insurance agencies invented that word! lol However, the bad news, if insurance companies can't screen and charge based on these conditions then the cost for premiums or something else is sure to rise. Stupid economics.


Kim said...

Taxes. Taxes are the something else.

jpnairn said...

We talk about the number of uninsured. Add into that the number of insured who have pre-existing conditions that aren't covered. Add into that the number who can be dropped if they find themselves actually needing their insurance.
Then consider the fact that insurance companies will deny coverage for any excuse. Then consider the fact that all of the major insurance companies admit to using the tactic of denying claims without any reason at all, just to see if the claim will be re-submitted.
Most of us think we have insurance, but the current system doesn't really work for any of us, except the insurance companies making a huge profit off the status quo.
People in the U.S. pay way more for health care than almost any other nation, and get less health care for the money than any other nation.
I can deal with higher taxes if I pay less for health care, if my employer can pay me more because it isn't paying as much to insure me, if my employer can stay in business instead of folding because health insurance is no longer a crushing financial burden, etc.
What we've been doing hasn't been working. Businesses are going under because of it. People are dying because of it.
Just about every health care foundation out there, like the ADA and the ACS, strongly supports health care reform.

X-Country2 said...

Ugg, don't even get me started! Good luck with it all. :o)