Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Grips for My Bike!!!!

Well, after getting drastic with the cold medicine I've finally been able to feel a tad better. I had to dive into the Sudafed that they keep behind the counter and have to write your name down for you to get. So far it's worked like a charm.

In other news, my new Sunline Big S grips arrived yesterday!!! They are really nice! My old/stock grips were thin and beat up and made my hands go numb after about 20 miles or so of riding. I'm investing in new grips and gloves to help with the hand issue. I also do the stretch and shake of the hands if they do go numb.

Installation of MTB grips these days is a breeze due to the lock-on mechanism most serious grips feature. I popped the old grips off and then slid the new ones on, however, the new grips have an integrated lock-into-grip on the inside of the bike and then another lock at the end of the bar. So I had to shift my brakes and shifters in a little to account for the extra space which was actually perfect. I was planning on cutting my bars down a tad and now I'm able to narrow my position just enough that I'll be even more comfortable for the endurance rides.

Below is the story you just read in pictures:

The package:

Old grips:

Inside lock:

Outside lock:

Naked bars!

Finished Installation:

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