Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Shoes, Thank You Sidi!!!!

The shoes from Sidi have finally arrived! I'm the proud owner of a pair of Sidi Dragon 2 shoes. Now if only I had enough sense to get my Speedplay cleats while I was waiting on the shoes. Doh!!! Here are some pics of the new guys, I'll take some more pics as I set up the cleats and give them the first spin. For starters, they fit great and are incredibly comfortable. Here are some other features:

1. Adjustable heel cup - no more sliding around back there when torquing up a hill!

2. Toe Guard - wouldn't want to ruin the beautiful Italian leather...oh...or break my toe! :)

3. Ratchet closure strap with single click loosening - meaning when you over-tighten your shoe and you hit the release on the strap, normally you pop a few clicks out. This set-up allows you to loosen one click at a time to stay dialed in.

4. Rebuilable sole - that's right! 100% rebuildable for years of use.

5. Free! Oh did I mention that these were won in a writing contest??? I did not have to pay the MSRP $450 for these fine Italian shoes! :)

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Rainmaker said...

Sweet! Glad to see the goods arrived!