Thursday, April 22, 2010

What have I been up to???

Well...riding...a lot! I've trimmed down my schedule to focus more on the events I really want to do well in with the first big event being the Mohican 100. I had a ton of races on my schedule and I was all over the board with my training trying to fit the smaller events in. Like next weekend I'm racing at a new venue in the OMBC series but to me that race is for a few reasons other than winning.

1. I don't want the Mohican 100 to be my first race of the season, it will make me nervous.

2. Working on giving Harold (my MTB) a bit of a face lift and that will be a good venue to try some pieces and continue to get dialed in.

3. It will give me a good feel of my overall fitness for the 100 with 4 solid weeks to do something about any problems between now and then.

On the diabetes side, everything has been going great except my boluses from my insulin pump. With my activity being up my metabolism is up so the amount of insulin I take to cover the carbs I eat has been fluctuating a bit. In short I tend to go hypoglycemic after meals so I've had to dial down my insulin to carb ratio a bit.

Also, I stocked up on the foods I love to train with!!! Gatorade G2, low carb for the diabetes in me yet gives me the electrolytes I need! PowerBar Power Gels, just the right amount of boost for the evening rides and taste great! Strawberry Banana is my favorite! Finally, PowerBar TripleThreat bars, a great snack for longer rides and post-ride as well! The bars taste ridiculously good as well! Here's my stock for about two-weeks! Okay, well, the G2 is more like a months worth! :) It was on sale, what can I say!

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jpnairn said...

Yeah. I've been eating Strawberry Banana Power Gel for about a decade. Good stuff.