Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Got Caught!

Well, the inevitable happened this morning. I was running incredibly late to work and as I zipped along route 8 south I saw it. A plain white cruiser sitting way up high on the on ramp. BUSTED! The good thing was as soon as I saw him I down-shifted quickly into 4th gear. That scrubbed probably 10mph off my speed.

John Q Law came to my window and asked if I knew why he pulled me over. At the risk of saving my own neck I said that I might have been going a tad fast. Mr. Law said with a bit of sarcasm, how about 74mph, it was a 55mph zone. The only thing I could think while he ran my license was: 1. Glad I was drinking last night and 2. At least I wasn't going as fast as I usually do.

Since, by the skin of my teeth, I wasn't going 20mph over I shouldn't get hit to hard by the fine. It's been roughly forever since I got a ticket.

Lesson learned: Do not drive fast until I update my radar/laser detector.

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