Thursday, March 6, 2008


My 4 year anniversary at hfa is May 17th. Every year I get 10 vacation days. Is it good or bad that for the second year in a row I have two months to use 9 vacation days. Disposable income is tight as I work to pay off student loans, college credit cards and what not. I always say to myself, if you can't do something spectacular then why use them. I do know that is the wrong attitude to have but I just don't ever find anything worthy of a vacation day. Are my vacation day usage standards to high? On a lighter note, I decided to take the last week of March off. No big plans, but my little brother is on Spring Break so he'll be off that week. Maybe I need to rethink what REALLY matters and bring him out to spend time with me. Only if he brings guitar hero III! lol Oh yeah almost forgot the exciting part I can go mattress shopping that week with my money from Uncle Sam! Time to upgrade from the old college mattress. We'll that's probably TMI but this blogging is fun!

P.S. If the blog title is question, do you follow that with a question mark or is that redundent?

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