Thursday, March 6, 2008

Funny Thought

Ok, I must admit the thought of a new mattress was too much. I stopped at a few stores on the way home to roll around on a mattress or two. Which is kind of gross if you think about it. How many people have rolled around on those mattresses? How many of those people didn't shower that day, that week? Yikes! OK so the story continues. I go into a store called the Original Mattress. This is a mattress only type store no other funiture is sold here. The kind of store where the guy says to me, we can go lower than the price listed. WTF! If you put it on there you would sell more mattresses buddy! Then he says, you can get a free mattress cover, a $70 value non-the-less, but that offer ends today.


Come on now I work in Advertising. lol I know how "sales" work, especially if it's not a national level. Just some one off shop running there fourth closeout sale fo the year. I looked at him like, are ya kidding me! So I told him to write down the price and I would come back this weekend to get the mattress at that price. He didn't even try to refuse he just did it. I hope he doesn't feel like I forced him to do it. I just wasn't about to be jerked around. Save it for the next person coming in that's not paying cash in full.

So that wasn't the funny part. The reason I probably said what I did is that my blood sugar was dropping. As I was on my way out I spread out on the mattress one last time when it hit me. I was like holy shit, I'm low. Could you imagine if I passed out on the mattress?!?! This guy probably would have come up to me and started talking. like it huh? While I was laying there passed out. I could see it now. Emergency averted though. I went out to my trunk where I have food stashed for just this reason. It's in a special compartment all James Bond style! lol (

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