Thursday, March 6, 2008

What a day!

As the sun shines and the birds chirp, a smile slowly draws from ear to ear. It's Ohio and it seems like nobody knows about the weather around here. We are square in the sights of a massive snowstorm, 6-10 inches possible. Living with type 1 diabetes, for some odd reason, makes me realte everything back to it. I'm ok with that. The weather today could be related to blood sugar, it seems like everything is going along fine and then the storm hits. You find yourself asking in your head how did my blood sugar get so high or why did I drop so low so fast? I think the weather is a great comparison to diabetes. There are a lot of bright sunny days, but sometimes the situation can change as fast as the weather! I hope that wasn't too deep for my first blog!!!

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Salty and Sweet said...

Hi Mike!

I totally agree with your comparison of weather and blood sugar levels. What a great visual!

Good luck with your blog. Going good so far!

Take care,