Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sorry everyone! I have been an incredibly lazy blogger the past few weeks. Let me give you a quick update on life.

My brother is doing well. I saw him on Saturday and he was out and about with us. He was supposed to come out swimming on Sunday but couldn't because he was under the weather and running a fever. No worries though the weather was incredibly horrible all day anyway. Everyone, please wish him luck as he goes into round 3 of chemo tomorrow! My personal opinion is that he will knock this out sooner and better than predicted. I think he'll shock the Dr.'s.
My brother and my dog!

Work has been busy with budget crunches and everything. It's funny how the first thing people cut is the advertising budget in times of adversity. HELLLLOOOO! How do you expect people to know about your product if you don't tell them?!?!?! It's like stopping your watch to save time! WTF!

Personal life, eh, no update as usual.

Cycling, well the weather hasn't felt much like cooperating these days. Everyday I don't have something going on it rains. I've cancelled all plans indefinitely until I get more time on my bike. I am becoming crabby, not getting out on the bike. Here is my plan of rides for the rest of the summer:

7/13 33rd ABC: Absolutely Beautiful Country Ride 62 miles
7/26 Century Cycles Night Ride on the Towpath 15-22 miles
7/27 Eddy's Bike Shop Sweet Corn Challenge 62 miles
8/3 Roast Your Buns Tour 70 miles
8/29 Century Cycles Night Ride on the Towpath 15-22 miles
8/30 STOMP Bicycle Adventure 62 miles
9/21 NEOC: North-East Ohio Century 100 miles

I know it seems pretty ambitious but it gives me something to work towards.

I also purchased a Polar CS300 heart rate monitor and cyclecomputer combined:

That's all for now, I'll try to do a better job of updates.


Kim said...

Well, you can't expect them to get rid of the engineers that MAKE the product you tell everyone about! :) Sha!

Besides, doesn't everyone already know they need tires on their car? What's to tell? :)

Hope you get out on your bike soon - and that the weather cooperates!

Jodi said...

I've been having a heck of a time trying to get any of my cycling buddies to do the sweet corn this year. The 100 miler is pretty brutal as I remember it. But brutal can be a good thing! Happy cycling!