Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Good With The Bad

Well this weekend turned out to be 90% incredible! It started off not so great when I had to take my bike into the shop, what appeared to be, a loose or worn out bottom bracket. Ok, fair enough, I'll leave it to the professionals. I have plenty of specialized tools but that can be a mess to get to. This was Thursday, the bad news was they couldn't get my bike back before Tuesday. :(

Friday I was worn out so I rented Rambo, watched and went to bed.

Saturday my parents and brother came out for a cookout and swimming. My brother got out of the hospital after one over night with chemo! Awesome! He's an old pro at this by now, he's my hero and we are going to kick this cancers ass! We are well on our way. :) Saturday evening I went to a cookout at a friends house and had a great time laughing and enjoying the evening with great company.

Sunday I went to my parents to help out with the yard work as I usually do on the weekend when I got "the call" not only was my bike ready for me to pick up but the bottom bracket cup had worked itself loose! A $20 fix was it! So I tipped the boys at the shop $5 since I was so happy! Now, this evening, I installed my new heart rate monitor/cycle computer and I'm going to rock out some crazy rides over the next few days!!! :)

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