Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life is good!

Hi everyone, sorry for the blog slacking. You know, they should invent a word for that because it happens to everyone. :)

First and update about my brother. He was released Saturday morning after his final IV bag of chemo on Friday. He walked out ON HIS OWN! No wheelchair needed. The treatment seemed to barely phase him, he wasn't the throw-up patients the Dr. cautioned us about. I know things change but so far so good! I saw my brother this past weekend and we went to a family bday party. He was looking really good with little problem from his hip. Hopefully we can knock this out sooner than expected. I got my brother a surprise as well for this weekend but since he reads my blog I'll have to wait to share! lol Hang in there Kevin, many, many people here in Akron are thinking about you and thinking positive thoughts for you!

Since my brother is in a state of flux my parents cancelled the Maumee trip this weekend. Since I didn't want to sit on my ass and be worthless for the weekend I signed up for the Tour de Cure bike ride on Sunday. Here I am worrying about getting the minimum $150 donations to ride and I'm now up to $645! All going to help find a cure for diabetes. So it will be interesting to see how I do since the incredible Ohio weather has kept me indoors for the past 2 days. In other news my A1C as tested from my Dr. appt. was down to 7.1 from 8.6 just 3 months ago. This is actually incredibly hard to do especially in such a short time frame. Now with my brother and all I make sure that I'm where I need to be and fly right. Like I tell everyone I'm no good to anyone if I don't keep up my own health. T-minus 3 months until I get my insulin pump! :) Last Saturday I chaperoned a ride for kids from the diabetes camp that I went to as a kid. We rode about 25 miles, it was great catching up with some fellow diabetics I had not seen in awhile.

So that's all for now, I'll keep you posted on how the training goes for this weekend. I'll leave you with a pic of my brother and I goofing around!

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