Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy Week

Wow, where do I begin? This week has been incredibly crazy. The first part of the week was solely devoted to putting together a creative testing proposal for my client. Wednesday was solely devoted to preparing for the presentation. I was literally handed final, bound presentations as I was walking out the door to the client. I'm way better a "winging" my presentations rather than preparing. Otherwise I freak myself out getting ready. This way I only freak out for a minute when I realize on my 10 minute trip to Goodyear that I just finished analyzing the competitive landscape 30 minutes before and have to present to this analysis to the client in 20 minutes. Too late now, let's roll!

Presentation went incredibly well! The clients loved the information and were equally impressed and satisfied that we had done out due diligence in gathering information for this product launch. Then Thursday day came after rolling on and about 12 hours of sleep for the week and my dog peeing on the carpet at 5:45am had me worried about how the rest of the week would go.

Sidenote: went to the Coldplay concert on Tuesday at the Q with Molly. Concert was awesome! Hard Rock cafe for dinner, awesome! Molly = double incredible awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the tickets beautiful!!!

Back to Thursday. I was just plain tuckered out it felt like I had put in a weeks worth of work already, maybe even two! Finally I was free, it was 4pm! I was incredibly happy cruising home with my two week old car rocking out to Hairnation on Sirius when the worst thing possible happened.

Stupid f@c$! Some ass in a big Jeep Wrangler hit the side of my car with his big ass tires. Does anyone see the irony that I work for Goodyear and tires f-ed up my car? Then he didn't even stop! Hell no! I took off, how far did he think he would get in a jeep? My car maxes at 127 mph and I was more than happy to use every single mph to catch him. :) Got his license plate and stopped to call the cops. :) Now that the rubber is almost all buffed out and my blood pressure is out of the red zone some stupid f@c$ will have to deal with a hit and skip and my car is back almost good as new.

Now it's Friday and the clients denied our proposed research that we had 120 hours of work in on and I feel like someone is playing one huge joke on me. Oh well I guess, at the end of the day I'm still getting paid.

Other news:
Brother: doing well, he should get cleared on Tuesday to head back for another 7-8 moths of chemo. Too bad he sill have to lose his hair again. :( However, his mobility is coming along very well and he should be up to using a cane soon instead of a walker.

Bike: I have 1/3 of the bike paid off and I'm well on my way to half way after only a month! I can't wait, I feel like a kid again!!!

Pump: moving along pretty well. I've finally been on long enough that I'm slowly tweaking the basal rates to stop the random fluctuations in my blood sugar. Feeling good, other than that. :)


Nancy said...

Ok, that's a sucky week! Great news on your brother and your bike...oh and Coldplay!! I would love to see them.
On to better weeks ahead....

Kim said...

That sucks about your car! Your story reminded me of the one I heard from the spine company that sponsored my MS research. CEO of that company ended up needing back surgery/a spine implant. He was a year to young to be a candidate for his own company's trial!