Monday, October 13, 2008

My Crazy Week!

Here is a recap of how last week unfolded, it's amazing I don't have panic attacks!

Monday: Work all day, stop at bike shop on the way home to test 3 bikes and put a down payment on a bike.

Tuesday: Dentist appt. 7am then off to work for the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Take car in for 30K mile tune-up, ask about getting out of my lease into buying a VW. Work the rest of the day. Get phone call about purchase options on a 2008 and 2009 Jetta. Mill over purchase decision all night while hanging out with my incredible girlfriend.

Thursday: Go to work, go to dentist at lunch to get my cavity filled, test drive VW on the way back to work. Pick up new car at 6pm. The new car: 2008 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. Meaning BIG engine in tiny car. Plus a ton of cool shit like 17" wheels, sunroof, spoiler and sport suspension. I apologize in advance to anyone I may cut off in the next few years driving wayyyy too fast up and down route 8. Go out for ride with beautiful girlfriend after her school open house.

Friday: Work and hair cut, followed by a bike ride in the evening.

Saturday: Go to parents to visit brother and help around the house. Back to Stow where I fell asleep an 9:45pm and didn't get up until 10:20 in Sunday. I think I needed the extra sleep.

Sunday: Get up, make breakfast, ride bike 20 miles, drive to Youngstown to meet beautiful girlfriend for a walk in the park and dinner.

Now, back to the grind! Below are a few pictures of the new car for your viewing pleasure!!! :)


DaisyDuc said...

Gotta love a new ride!

Nancy said...

Love a Volkswagon!