Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta Start With The Basics

I've recently decided to get back into an old sport that consumed (in a good way) me as a young buck. Mountain Biking. My family can attest to how much I loved this sport before, in high school I built my MTB up from scratch. Bought the frame, then the fork, seat, pieces/parts, etc. That's what I did with my money, I worked all through high school to support my habit. This past summer has been great getting out and riding. I feel great and it keeps my diabetes under control. The more I've thought about it the more the itch came back to head for the hills.

Road biking is great but very flat. It has it's own sense of danger and obstacles but I would rather those be from steep and muddy downhills and uphills or some gnarly single track than the 2500+ lbs. vehicles whizzing past me ear and elbow.
Molly, my girlfriend, is incredible! She supports me 100% and has said it is who I am and that makes me feel incredible as well as driven to take this on! I know I'll love it, I get excited just thinking about riding! I have some goals as well. In 2009 I would like to ride in at least two races. On top of that I also wanted to try my hand at marathon cycling starting with the less challenging 12 hour race. I'm going for it solo, I want to prove some things to myself about how I can not only handle the race but handle diabetes and the race. I'm tired of people saying what I can't or shouldn't do. Why don't you let me decide? (directed at no one in particular just society in general) I can do it, I've been doing it for over 15 years! How about that?!?!?!

I'm still going to keep my road bike for training and when timing doesn't allow me to pack everything up and drive to the nearest MTB trail. Are you excited yet??? I am, do you hear that coming??? It's me getting ready to take on the competition and myself!!!

Here is the bike that I am working on purchasing from Eddy's. It's hot!!! Cannondale Scalpel 4:

Lefty front suspension, carbon rear triangle with pivot less rear suspension, disk brakes! Bikes have sure changed since I was younger!!! As every cyclist knows you need shoes as well, these are my new shoes. Diadora X-Trail Carbon:
Wish me luck!!! Here goes nothing!!! I just need to get the rest of the money together to get these out of layaway! lol I love bike shops!!!

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