Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello Cold!

I went out for a bike ride yesterday morning as the thermometer rose to 42 degrees! Yikes! It was freaking cold! Luckily I planned accordingly and was able to dress perfectly. I was cold for the first three miles then warmed up once I got the old ticker going! I managed an easy 18 miles. Short but at least I got out, I was happy!

It's crazy how the leaves look when you ride over them. It's like there is a funny carpet over the whole trail yet you can ride over them without any problems. Kind of weird, it's like you want to dodge the leaves bu there are only more leaves! lol

Still working on paying off my mean race machine!!! I'll keep you posted on that, want to free it before the beginning of 2009 so I can start prepping for some rides and races. :)

My brother is doing well, taking a few steps on his own. Hopefully he will only need a cane soon instead of a walker. He likes my new car and wants to borrow it, I said let's not get crazy!

My BG were a bit out of whack this weekend. I need to test more and reign them back in, don't want to lose the 6.2 A1C. That was hard to get!!!

More to come, check back soon!

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