Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Birthday Ever!

This past Saturday was my birthday and I tried my best to take time out of my crazy schedule to enjoy it. Molly helped to make this the best birthday ever! It started Thursday with a surprise from Molly, she got us tickets to the Carlos Mencia show at the Playhouse in Cleveland. We were both crazy on Thursday but managed to get up there have a nice quiet dinner at Bricco and still make it to the show with plenty of time to spare. The show was GREAT and incredibly funny! Thanks Molly, you're the best!!!

Friday came around and I couldn't decide what to do. Either stay in for a nice quiet dinner with Molly or we were going to go out somewhere for dinner. Since it took me so long to decide it was now 7pm so we decided to go out so we would get our food quicker. We went to the Wing Warehouse in Cuyahoga Falls that also is the home of the $4 fishbowl of Long Island Ice Tea. Molly agreed to be my DD as my friends and coworkers started to show up. Here's a timeline of the evening: Fishbowl 1, eat, fishbowl 2, fishbowl 3, karaoke 1, fishbowl 4, karaoke 2, fishbowl 5, help everyone else karaoke, fishbowl 6, get sick all over bathroom, Molly closes tab, leave, pass out on bed. Everything after fishbowl 4 is a little fuzzy, I gathered the rest from conversations the next day! :)

Saturday I was heading home to see the family, I didn't leave my place until 10:30am. I was way too drunk to drive before that to drive home. So needless to say I was feeling like shit all day long. Happy Birthday to me. lol My own fault, no more drinking like I was in college again. Had a great bday with the family, however, seeing the 6er of Christmas Ale they got me did make my stomach churn a bit. We went to Quaker Steak for dinner, my brothers favorite place! I was indifferent about where we ate so he got to choose. Then my parents had cake and ice cream after that. I was stuffed!

That evening and Sunday were spent relaxing with Molly and just laying low. Molly is incredible and I have to throw out a big thank you to her for helping to make my birthday freakin awesome!!!

In other news:
Insulin Pump: doing pretty good, still trying to dial it all in now that I'm not working out as much. Carb counting still remains challenging as usual, test, test, test is my motto recently.

Brother: Doing good, went in for another round of chemo yesterday along with various tests. He should be out of the hospital late tomorrow.

Parents: Happy 30th Anniversary today!!!!

Sister: Doing fine after being hit by a car as she was crossing the street. I think her ego may have a pretty serious bruise on it.

Work: BUSY! Launching a new brand, three new products, new website, two trade show booths, prepping POS for 2009 credit program and planning two brand marketing strategies for 2009 I ask, when is my next vacation!!!

Bike: Below $1500 left to pay!!! I'm excited already.

All is well, still wish I could do more riding.


Jill said...

Happy Belated B-day! Sounds like you had a great time (minus the puking...lol)!!

Kim said...

My ego is just fine, thanks. :) Though, I've gotten no less than 12 packets from various ambulance chaser law firms...

On the other hand, getting the room situation arranged for you-know-who for you-know-what...now that has turned into a big mess. No worries. I was assured it would all be taken care of!

Ms. R said...

Holy fishbowls! haha, you're quite the rockstar - Happy Birthday!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!

And hit by a car?! Oh dear......

Nancy said...

ok college boy...lesson learned huh? Just think...when I win our bet (that we haven't officially started) I will get to be that drunken college girl and my husband will have to hold my hair back! LOL!!