Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Love Turkey!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!! A holiday based around food and giving thanks to what you have. What could be better??? I know, I will hear no less than 5 times around the holiday should you be eating that or can you eat that? My question back is should you? If it's that questionable then why the hell are you putting it in your mouth as well??? YES, I can eat that and you know what I'm probably 10 times as aware of what I eat then a person without diabetes. So, don't ask! lol I don't let it get to me though, I've made it 15 years without complications, I'll make it 60 more!!! And I feel damn good!

Wow, I didn't mean to rant. Yikes, I'm turning into Debbie downer! Sorry work is CRAZY and it gets to me sometimes. However, I do have my little oasis away from the everyday grind that makes me incredibly happy and relaxed. Thanks for putting up with my craziness Molly!!! :)

On the workout front...(cricket, cricket)...yeah, I need to get on that! I feel lazy but don't have much energy after a long day of work to kick my own ass after everyone else has kicked it all day! lol

Tomorrow I'll be taking my brother to an Indians game. A happy departure I'm sure from hanging with Mom and Dad and spending last week in the hospital for chemo and being sick. Our sister and her fiance will be joining us as well so it should be a good time! :)

Like I said in the beginning, totally looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending it with Molly and family!!! :)

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Kelly said...

Mmmm Thanksgiving food.

I'll be missing out this year (have to work), but maybe I can whip up some turkey at home (although, probably not a good idea knowing my history of ruining meals).