Monday, November 3, 2008

Browns vs. Ravens

I went to the Browns game yesterday. The game was awesome for the first 3 quarters. However, you knew it was going to go downhill quick when wide receivers started dropping balls and DA couldn't covert a 3rd down to save his miserable throwing life. I mean seriously, how many minutes does the defense have to play before they get a break? They were work out!!! My boy Sean Rogers is BIG he needs a breather!

Let's take a step back for a second, how much do these guys make? They aren't saving lives, teaching children, balancing budgets, developing a cure for cancer, dealing with clients or feeding starving children. They get paid millions to throw and catch a football, THAT'S IT! If I got paid millions to walk around on my hands, you can bet your sweet ass I would never buy a pair of shoes again! How can the Browns take a relatively simple theory and make it seem so difficult?

Anyway, Molly and I thoroughly enjoyed each others company and the atmosphere of Cleveland Stadium! We also had incredible seats!!! Check out the pics:

Dawson, warming up

7 rows back on the home side of the field
Molly and me! :)

Cribbs waiting to do his thing!

Cribbs once he did his thing, 6 points richer!

Anderson looking to happy to complete a pass!

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