Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy (Whoops) New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! On New Year's day after spending an awesome evening with my brother and Molly, I went home to help my parents put away Christmas decorations. While working to maneuver the large Christmas tree Rubber Maid container from behind some shiznit I took a step back and right through the ceiling of the garage!!! Luckily my knee broke my fall. Other than a little bruise and funny story, I was ok. My parents on the other hand nearly had a heart attack!!! The large container I was carrying was close to the steps so when I fell the container fell down the steps and my parents thought I came with it. So the funny quote was:

Parents: "OMG Mike are you OK?"

Me: "Yes!"

Parents: "Did you fall down the steps?" As they hurried over

Me: "No, I fell through the ceiling"

Somewhat comical actually! I have made a new project for the spring! I've attached a picture of the damage as well as a few shots from New Year's Eve!

The new skylight I was working on!

The dog was attacking me!

Molly and me

Me and Kevin

Molly and Kevin


Kelly said...

omg! I can't believe you fell through the ceiling and came out okay! Are you indestructible?

Jen Liteky said...

Mike, you are a lucky guy to not have hurt yourself (badly).
Happy New year to you and yours, from me and mine!
(and Logan, Gray, Max, and Jer)