Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter...is that you???

Yes, winter has reared it's ugly head earlier than usual this year. On Saturday we received a nice even 10 inches of snow. Did you know shoveling a 5' X 15' area covered in 5 inches of snow is roughly equal to moving a ton of snow in weight??? Who knew, thanks FOX 8!!! Anyway here are some pics of the damage. Molly and I had a great hike in the snow on Sunday, the hike-n-bike trail my apartment is attached to looked pretty nice. Molly also viciously attacked me with snowballs ;), and yes, we made snow angels too! Although every time I tried to make one, horns and smoke appeared on it. Hmm...I dunno.

The front yard

My poor car

Molly's poor car

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Kelly said...

We had a blizzard last night! Although... that involves more blowing snow than falling snow. Good luck uncovering those cars!