Monday, January 12, 2009

I love my new food scale!

Yes, it's snowing outside and topics are few and far between. However, I got a digital food scale for Christmas and it is freakin' awesome! Being a diabetic is tough, especially when it comes to measuring your food. All of the insulin I take to manage my bloodsugar is based off of how much food I eat. Well...that mixed with time of day, activity for the day and insulin sensitivity for the day. It's all much easier in practice than theory, don't worry! :) Anyway, back to the scale. I made a one pound sundae today which most people would be like a diabetic + sundae = bad! I knew how many carbs were in that sundae down to the gram, allowing me to take a precise amount of insulin to cover for that, most delicious sundae!!! No harm, no foul!!! Which means I can eat all of the bad stuff non-diabetics eat as well.

On that note, time to do something productive. Like exercise!

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Kelly said...

Mmmmm sundae. Can I have one?