Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's been a mintue...

I owe a post, it's been way to long! I was able to get out on both Saturday and Sunday for rides, that makes me feel great!!! Sunday I put in 40 miles riding through the valley and out Ira into North Bath. Holy crap! Those houses are massive I took a picture of one on my phone (see below). Also, another nice surprise was finding a bike race going on in the valley! I watched for a few laps before the dreaded climb up Ira road, it feels like climbing to heaven I think. Around every twist the road keeps going straight up! Well look for more posts coming soon as events and riding continue to pick up.

Side note, I can't believe I've almost ridden half of my total miles from 2008! Who knows where I'll end up at the end of 2009!

A group of riders in the race

another larger group

Our future house in North Bath! lol

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Kelly said...

Just TODAY, I passed my halfway mark for what I ran ALL of last year! I feel great :)

Good job with the biking!