Sunday, April 19, 2009


That's pretty much how I felt this morning. A big thanks to Molly for coming over to take care of me last night. The good news is I finished the race, the bad news is somewhere right around last place. Little did I know that this course is the most technical course in Ohio! I was proud of finishing. After all I've only ridden off road once since I got my new bike, before that it was 10 years since I had been off-road. I look at it as a learning experience! There are some things I can work on, obviously, but some other tweaks to make to my bike so that I'm more comfortable. It's mostly a pedal deal, you can ride all day on the road with you feet positioned incorrectly with minor discomfort but that is magnified by 1000% off-road.

Lessons Learned:
1. Don't quit
2. Drink more water days before and leading up to the event, it's easy to get dehydrated
3. Off road miles equal roughly 10 road miles
4. Ride off-road more
5. Last place is better than DNF
6. Type 1 diabetes can be well controlled during extreme physical efforts with the proper planning
7. Don't quit
8. Fill Camelbak up to the limit before a race
9. Off road riding is a freaking blast!
10. Don't quit

I have a few pictures that will be posted soon!


Kelly said...

Great job with the finish! That's all that really matters. I can't even imagine going off road. I tried it one time and ended up running straight into a tree (twice).

GRIESE.J said...

Hey Man congrats on the finish, drop me a line and maybe I can throw a couple tips from things I've learned in regards to making my races easier to handle
let me know what the week points were.Maybe I should hold my opinions until after my first race. Hehe.

Rainmaker said...

Nicely done on not quiting. Cause that's what it's all about. Plus, saying you endo'd is bonus points.