Monday, August 17, 2009

I love to ride!

I felt like a little kid today hurrying home to get myself ready for a quick ride before the weather turns crappy! I got a great ride in and felt strong, even after my accident yesterday while on the MTB. I got a great 22 mile ride in before the rain starts for the week. I think I'm going to hit up Mohican State Park this weekend because it drains way better than any of the local trails and I can get a good training ride in before the weekend of my bike race on the 30th.

Accident, Harold (MTB name) and I were kicking ass through the rock gardens at West Branch when I came to a small decline that led to an incline. The rocks were mossy and slick which sucked, I was trying to keep my weight back when my front wheel slipped off a rock and wedged in between the rock next to it. It felt like slow motion as I lurched over the handlebars. Luckily the rocks that I would have ridden over in front of me broke my fall! lol Needless to say it was a painful landing. Outside of some nice bruises and scrapes up the entire right side of my body, the bloodiest gash occurred on my ankle. Here's a pic:

I got up dusted myself of and climbed back on the rig to keep on truckin'. Then I realized I was about 20 feet from the end of the trail. Sheesh!!!

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Kelly said...

Ouch! Well, it might have been worse. Keep riding!