Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not so bad!

Had my Dr. Appt. today and received some good results on my A1C. How does 6.6 sound??? Normal people have an A1C between 4-6. Diabetics that can keep there A1C below 7.5ish drastically reduce there risk of complications. Small things like peripheral neropathy, blindness, kidney failure and death. Sometimes you get all of those sometimes just one or two either way I want no part in that.

In other news my cholesterol was low with LDL being 88. :) Bring on more burgers!!!

Otherwise I'm pretty darn healthy, for a diabetic!

I did get out for a great MTB ride and did a solid 10 miles at West Branch. However, I went down hard in the many rock gardens on the back half of the trail. Busted up my arm pretty good, luckily our new butcher let me clean it off as I was weeping down my arm while perusing the meat, my girlfriend wasn't a big fan of the 2.5lb. beef tongue or beef hearts they had for sale. I was intrigued, go figure!

Also busted up the MTB bending the derailleur hanger as I bounced the bike off of the rock garden. I took Herald straight to the bike shop to get him fixed up for the race this weekend! He'll be good as new by Friday!

That's all for now, however, I am working on a plan to hit up some off-road endurance races next season. Some 6 or 12 hour races. Who knows maybe we'll go 24 hours solo!!! :)


Kelly said...

Yay. Congratulations!

Nancy said... suck! LOL! I recently got my life out...I plan to win:)