Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I wanna ride!!!!

So it stormed like crazy yesterday afternoon and evening. To give you an idea of how bad it rained I've attached a few pictures of water coming in the Emergency Exit near my desk.

The start:

Sneaking under the door

It reminded me of being in a flood and water seeping through everywhere!

It kept coming.

So Molly and I went down to Szalay's fresh market to pick up some essentials for a wonderful dinner. Molly is a crazy good cook! I think she should try out for the food network! We had a breakfast dinner consisting of eggs and cheese, sausage, diced red potatoes with a dry rub and roasted in the oven all rolled in a garlic basil wrap. Yummy!!! I ate three wraps! :)

So with the rain hopefully behind us I will start to get some training rides in for the upcoming races. The closest being the Big Valley MTB race at Camp Manatoc! That's all for now, happy riding!!!

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Kelly said...

Oh no! Get out the buckets and rain boots!