Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Subway, WTF???

Why on earth should I hear a hard working sandwich artist get scolded today for putting to many olives on a footlong veggie subway. As I ordered my incredibly healthy footlong meatball marinara sub my vegetarian friend ordered a veggie sub.

First off, the douche bag guy measured out exactly two little side cups of cheese to put on the veggie sub, Matt and I looked at each other and shrugged it off. Then the sandwich artist started to create his masterpiece and did the ol' Subway grab a handful of olives and sprinkle them on. The douche bag guy comes over in front of the lunch time crowd and says, "Only 6 olives for a footlong sub"! WTF!!!!! That means six half slices of olives for a footlong sub which, you guessed it, means 3 whole olives for 12 inches of bread. Sheesh! How cheap are we getting now??? Subway, are you really giving away the farm by adding a few more rogue olive slices. As we checked out the douche bag continued to scold the sandwich artist saying 3 olive slices for a 6" and 6 slices for a 12". Again, that means an olive and a half for 6" of bread.

Subway you have long since been a cheese hoarder only giving 4 slices of delicious pepper jack on my 12" on bread. If I were making a sub I would have no less that a slice per 2" ratio for better cheese coverage. Get with the program! Charge me the extra $2 to make a damn sub that I would want to eat. And good god, leave the sandwich artist alone! Artists make their own rules, otherwise call them the sandwich sherpas!


Rainmaker said...

I fail to understand why they don't like putting olives on mine either. I beg and beg and beg....

GRIESE.J said...

Too funny yes I've been the one getting scolded. it was 8 per foot when I was an artisan. I used to grab a hand full and extra meant 2 handfulls. I got back though I had sex with girlfriend in the cooler.

Quiznos makes some great subs.

Hua said...

Oh that is ridiculous...

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